We’re Back!

Hello, and welcome to the Weapons Grade Waifus blog!

We’re looking forward to getting back to generating the kind of content we used to back from the early days of WGW, and this site will be the main channel for us to do that. Thanks to Facebook for being anti-gun and throttling reach for the people that don’t pay them!

Expect less “anime girl reposts” and a little more focus on the stuff we like.
From sharing our favorite patches, to recreational reviews of equipment and classes, and even just picture dumps of camping trips or range days – if it matters to us, you can expect us to post about it here!

While some of our posts will be objective by nature, much of the content here will be heavily influenced by our opinion and experiences. Expect hot takes and shit talking where it is appropriate. If you don’t like what we have to say – don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out 😂

Please feel free to follow us via the Follow Button or subscribe for e-mail updates at the bottom right side of the page, and never hesitate to drop us a comment as we’ll do our best to respond.

We look forward to growing this blog with everyone. Catch ya on the flip side!